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3 Reasons Your Heating Bills Rise In The Winter

3 Reasons Your Heating Bills Rise In The Winter

Winter is almost over, and we hope you had a good one, but did your energy bills strike you as off this time around?

Did you notice certain unexplained surges or spikes that just don’t make sense to you?

Did you pay more this time for your energy and gas than last year, but you’re sure you didn’t do anything extraordinary to justify the surge?

You’re not alone.

This happens all the time and there can be a number of reasons for it. Here are a few.

Your Heating System Or Furnaces Aren’t Working Properly

Furnaces are one of the most common ways to heat your home. And whether you own a gas furnace, or an electric one, they are going to need check-ups. When they are left to run on their own, they become rusty and old which affects their efficiency.

Old and inefficient heating systems tend to use up more power just to keep your house warm during the harsh winter months. This leads to extra costs and higher bills.

Poor Insulation Could Be Your Main Issue

If you’ve been living at your place for a long time and haven’t had your house looked over for maintenance, there’s a chance that your insulation has gotten a little run-down and worn-out. The insulation infrastructure usually includes walls, entry doors, windows, ceilings and all of these need to be enveloped in a high-functioning insulating material in order to trap heat inside your house and keep the winter chill out.

When looking into house insulation, make sure to include the attic and get your windows sealed and benefit from foam weatherstripping to make sure your house is warm and comfortable, and the bills stay on the lower end.  

You’ve Been Delaying Maintenance For A Long Time

Another very common reason for higher energy bills could simply be a lack of maintenance. Like all other systems and appliances, heating systems, boilers and furnaces also need regular maintenance so that any issues can be resolved before they get worse and cause further damage.  

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