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Cleaning the Air Ducts in Your House: What Are The Benefits?

Cleaning the Air Ducts in Your House: What Are The Benefits?

Air ducts are one of the essential components of your heating and cooling system. They are responsible for circulating your indoor air and keeping it clean, healthy, and comfortable across all the seasons in a year. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners should get their air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned if:

  • They see any signs of mold growth inside the air duct or on any other components of your home’s HVAC.
  • There are signs of pests and rodent infestations in the duct pipes and trunks.
  • They are riddled with excessive debris clogged with excessive dust particles, dust, or other debris released into your indoor air via your duct’s supply registers.

If you notice any of the mentioned signs, consider getting your air ducts cleaned immediately. Here are some benefits of regular air duct cleaning for you and your family.

Extends Life Expectancy of Your Home’s HVAC

Dust and debris in your ducts can cause other components of your HVAC to clog over time, affecting its performance and life. A dirty HVAC system has to work harder to keep the air blowing through the supply registers to keep your indoor air regulated and comfortable.

You can’t look inside your air ducts to see whether it’s the pest infestation, mold, or dirt buildup causing the air to blow slowly. Therefore, it’s better to get them inspected and cleaned professionally before the problem gets worse.

More Savings

Ductwork infested with pests, mold, or dirt will make your HVAC system take a long time and consume more energy to maintain a balanced temperature inside your home. More energy consumption will lead to increased energy bills, and a malfunctioning HVAC system will lead to higher costs for repairs and replacements. Having your air ducts cleaned by professionals is a smart investment that’ll keep you from costly expenses and add to your annual savings.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning the Air Ducts in Your House: What Are The Benefits?

Whether it’s a pest infestation, mold growth, or dirt buildup clogging your air ducts, your health is at stake. Mold spores and dirt particles in indoor air may lead to or aggravate the symptoms of respiratory disorders, skin conditions, and allergies. In addition to this, poor indoor air can reduce the comfort of your home. HVAC duct cleaning will minimize the risk of developing these health conditions.

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