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Preparing for Allergy Season—Protecting Yourself from Pollen Triggers

Preparing for Allergy Season—Protecting Yourself from Pollen Triggers

If you’re in the estimated 10%–30% of the global population that are afflicted by pollen or hay fever, right now might be the perfect time to take steps to protect yourself from the impending spring season, starting with having your HVAC system cleaned and maintained to reduce allergens in your home.

How It Works

Consider your HVAC system as your first line of defense.

The main component of your home that works full time to maintain indoor air quality, your HVAC system can be utilized to reduce your chances of experiencing allergy symptoms. Here’s how:

– Upgrade Your Filters

The HVAC system keeps the indoor temperature comfortable by recycling the same air again and again. So, while the system might work to remove the contaminants and even pet hair, you would still essentially be breathing in the same air repeatedly, which if contaminated with pollen will keep triggering your allergies. Upgrading to a better HEPA filter with a 10 MERV rating would work well at keeping your home filtered properly.

– Keep Your System Clean

Taking just your air filter as an example, even if you do upgrade to a high-quality filter, not changing it or cleaning it every 2–3 months will defeat the purpose of having replaced the older components. For better quality air, keep the systems working efficiently by keeping all the corners and nooks neat and clean. If you can’t do it by yourself, hire a company that can inspect the system.

– Use an Air Purifier

Even if your HVAC system is working double-time in keeping your air clean, it still won’t be able to filter out the smallest pollen particles for your home surfaces. That’s where an air purifier can come in handy. In particular, if someone in the house experiences severe allergies or asthma, the air purifier can pick up the pollen that’s left off and keep the air quality better. We also provide products that treat the air that circulates in the HVAC system. Ask about our Indoor Air Quality products today!

– Control Humidity

Preparing for Allergy Season—Protecting Yourself from Pollen Triggers

Humidity levels can play a big role in alleviating allergies in your home. Especially if you live in a state like North Carolina that experiences humid weather throughout, using a dehumidifier can come in handy in keeping those humidity levels in check.

– Keep Your Ducts Clean

Ducts are a safe haven for mold spores, allergens like pollen and dust, as well as rodent droppings and insects. Rather than keeping the dirt and allergens circulating throughout your home, have your ducts cleaned so that you can benefit from clean, allergen-free air. Your filter can only stop new allergens coming in, but it must go out through the dirty ducts.

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