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Combating Allergies with Indoor Air Quality

Combating Allergies with Indoor Air Quality

Those with allergies are well prepared for the struggle the season brings. The warmer weather brings with it more spores, danders, dust, and all sorts of irritants and allergens in the air, making it hard to be outdoors.

Often, however, these allergies can also act up indoors, which is surprising and confusing for people. This is the result of poor air circulation, ventilation, and trapped irritants and allergens in your home.

ThThere are various ways to go about minimizing these allergens and improving indoor air quality for your home. For instance:

duct cleanings and upgraded filtration systems

This is one of the first and foremost ways to get rid of any trapped pollutants and issues that can trigger allergies. The filters in your system purify the air and get rid of dust and pollen, among other substances that are carried in through open doors, windows, pets or riding on your clothing.

Invest in high-quality air filters and have them replaced on a regular basis, especially in the hotter seasons, to make sure your home is allergen-free. Contact us today for your free needs evaluation to see which filtration product would be best for your situation!

Getting rid of dust mites

Dust mites are the allergic soul’s worst nightmare. But a little known fact is that it’s actually the waste these house mites leave that cause allergic reactions. When they feed on shed skin, dust, and other particles, the feces they release is the primary allergen.

Dust mites not only get trapped in linen and upholstery, they can also live in your belongings, making them dangerous to those with sensitivity. Get rid of these bugs though regular cleaning and laundering your linens in hot water.

Bathing pets on the regular and cleaning fur off surfaces

Pets shed; it’s a truth that most pet owners struggle with because it’s what makes being a pet parent with allergies really difficult. Shedding is not something that can be prevented, especially for our furry friends.

Their hair and dander get caught on your bed, couches, cushions, or pretty much anywhere they frequently sit, including your carpets. Breathing that can trigger reactions and also lead to it getting caught in your vents and ducts.

You can prevent excess shedding by giving your pets regular baths, and brushing sessions that get rid of loose fur. Additionally, clean your home and be sure to have your ducts cleaned too.

The goal is to minimize exposure to these toxins and hazards that trigger your allergies.

We offer HVAC duct cleaning services in Clayton, NC as well. Be sure to get in touch with us! We also offer various heating and cooling services for your HVAC system, in addition to general maintenance. Contact us today!