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Everything That Can Go Wrong with D.I.Y. Generator Installation

What can go wrong with d.i.y. generator installation

Generators are incredibly handy units that can help sustain and maintain a steady power supply to your home. Homeowners often require them out of necessity because either grid supplies are inconsistent or power outages and breakdowns are frequent.

DDepending on the type and size of your generator, several rooms and various fixtures and features such as your HVAC system, lighting, and more. Standby generators are typically more permanent in nature, sustaining larger homes, while portable generators are handy for occasional use and activities such as camping.

Portable generators also differ with the ease of operation, because they’re meant to be used in multiple places. However, a standby generator is connected to the wiring of your home—and if you’re looking to D.I.Y. this installation, you might want to think again!

Severe damage to the equipment

Generators are expensive—and dangerous; they’re not meant to be toyed and experimented with. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on the purchase of this equipment, it’s not worth the risk to ruin it with a lack of experience and understanding.

A missed wire, loose ends, anything could cause a short circuit or complete breakdown as could mishandling the generator itself, which is a real possibility. They’re large, expensive, and need to be carried to the right spot before any installation. Between that point and the actual installation, much could go wrong.

Electrocution and injury

Of course, nothing mitigates the risk of electrocution like professional experience, safety gear, training, and expertise. It’s difficult to compete with professional-grade tools and safety equipment that’s designed to keep us safe and sound on the job.

Electrocution is a very real and very serious risk of D.I.Y. installations because eElectrocution is a very real and very serious risk of D.I.Y. installations because even minor contact can send you to the hospital—or worse, prove fatal. From the installation of transfer switches to wiring, you’re dealing with complex aspects of a very high-voltage power supply.

Everything That Can Go Wrong with D.I.Y. Generator Installation

Fire and explosion

Again, the damage to your person or property that can emerge from an installation gone wrong can be debilitating. This is especially likely if you’re dealing with a gasoline generator. The highly flammable liquid can be tricky to safely use, and spills are a source of immediate danger. Exposure to open flame or even contact with the hot generator can ignite the fire. Fires and explosions can easily be caused by this and lead to serious injuries and damage.


Backfeeding is what happens as a result of incorrect wiring. The power from your generator is fed back into the grid and can cause major breakdowns, explosions, and injuries, leading to damage of property, equipment, and fatalities.

Improper wiring of your unit and it’s transfer switch, plugging into an outlet in your home or any mishap can cause this phenomenon.

The risk is simply not worth saving a few hundred dollars or so. It’s about The risk is simply not worth saving a few hundred dollars or so. It’s about protecting your investment, home, loved ones, and yourself. With years of experience and a team of skilled technicians, we offer various electrical services in Smithfield, including generator installation. Reach out to us to learn more.