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Keep Your Home Warm For A Fraction Of The Cost

With fall in full swing, you need to start preparing for the cold months ahead. Having your HVAC system working to the best of its ability is essential and it can help you avoid major breakdowns when the temperatures drop significantly.

Heating a home costs significantly more than cooling a home, particularly because of how cold it can often get. Cranking up the thermostat makes your HVAC system work in overdrive. Regular maintenance can help prepare it for the winters.

The experts at Comfort Shield HVAC have put together a guide on how you can cut your costs on keeping your home warm:

Check the seals on the ducts

The air ducts in your home are essential parts of your HVAC system. Any leaks along the way can end up costing you hundreds of dollars without you even realizing it.

Ducts generally leak air into the attic and crawlspace, areas that are rarely inspected by homeowners and hence, missed out. Make sure your air ducts are inspected by a professional for air leaks. They can effectively repair these leaks to make your HVAC system more efficient thereby, reducing your energy costs.

Boost the insulation of your home

Effective insulation of your home will keep it warm during winters and cool during summers. Insulating your home means protecting it from the weather outside. During winters, in particular, homes tend to lose heat due to a number of factors like the materials the home is made out of and the type of glass used for its windows. Have your home well-insulated this winter so that your HVAC system isn’t working in overdrive to keep your space warm.

Have your home inspected for air leaks

The more windows and doors in your home, the higher the chances of leaks. Use caulk to seal any openings to keep warm air from escaping. You might have to call in a professional to effectively deal with the air leaks too.

Allow sunlight into your home

Keep Your Home Warm For A Fraction Of The Cost

The best part about fall and winter are the warm mornings. Make the most of the sunlight by letting it into your home for additional warmth. After all, it’s free!

Draw the curtains and remove the shades during the day. Close the windows once the sun has set.

Reverse ceiling fans

Keep Your Home Warm For A Fraction Of The Cost

Switching the direction on your home’s ceiling fans helps with the ventilation. Switch to a clockwise rotation to push the rising warm air from your HVAC system back down into your living space. You can expect your heating costs to go down by approximately 10%!

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