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Preparing Your HVAC System for Fall

Preparing Your HVAC System for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and although temperatures aren’t too low yet, they will be. So it’s time for the leaves to change their colors and for you to prepare your HVAC system for the cold. Don’t wait for the autumn to set in, start today!

Here are some precautionary measures you must take to avoid operational issues in your HVAC system this autumn and winter.

Clean the Units Outside Your Home

The outdoor units of your HVAC system are directly in contact with all types of dirt, debris, and grime. Clean them thoroughly and check for any leaves or other items that are stuck inside the unit. Also, make sure that the vents and fans are free of any damaging elements.

While cleaning the unit, you may also come across damages. While it’s not uncommon, leaving damages unfixed can lead to severe problems. Hire an HVAC service to inspect the unit, and get the damages fixed.

Change Your Air Filters

Preparing Your HVAC System for Fall

To set up your HVAC for the fall, the first thing you need to do is to replace the old air filters with new ones. Air filters are exposed to dirt and debris, and using the old filters throughout the year can result in poor indoor air quality. It can also create blockages in the system which can hinder the circulation of fresh air inside and outside your home.

Additionally, a dirty air filter can make your HVAC system consume more energy, resulting in higher bills.

Get a Professional Furnace Evaluation

If your system is older, it may be a good idea to have a professional HVAC tech come and evaluate whether or not you need an updated system. Gas systems run the possibility of having a busted or cracked heat exchanger, which you would not be able to tell was the case but it can leak carbon monoxide and contaminate your home. It is of extreme importance that you get these gas systems checked out, but heat pump systems need annual inspections for proper functioning as well. 

If you do end up getting a new system, it can save your life and some energy costs, not to mention the added comfort of knowing it will last. If a new system is necessary it will likely save you quite a bit in utility costs and will ensure that you have proper heating and ventilation for your home.

Look for Any Air Leaks

Thoroughly inspect your ductwork, windows, doors and ventilators for any crack or damages. Air can leak out through these damaged areas, reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system. Make sure you seal all the windows and doors properly with weather stripping or a sealant. Additionally, fix any damages in the ductwork with aluminum tape or cement fillers.

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